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Biotina F is a mineral and amino acid supplement for horses’ feeding at any stage of life. Due to its high Zinc concentration, Biotin F acts on growth and regeneration of hooves; improves health of coat, tail and mane and also stimulates a healthy appetite.

Biotina F

Creatina F1 is a creatine based amino acid supplement for high performance horses. It improves muscular explosion and capacity on both high intensity and short term exercises. Creatine is indicated to increase strength and resistance as well as to provide body weight gain and athletic performance.

Creatina F1 2,5kg

Equiamino is an amino acid supplement for horses. It contains prebiotics and probiotics that aid in the development of a healthy intestinal flora, providing increased feeding efficiency.


Repogel was developed to quickly replenish lost electrolytes through sweating during exercise. Indicated for riding tests, endurance events, racing, training, transportation and other situations where the animal requires fast electrolytes and energy replacement.