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About us

About us

A Brazilian company (100% national investment) with expertise in veterinary pharmaceuticals and supplements. With headquarters in Cotia and in Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Syntec has a state of the art factory for manufacture both veterinary drugs and supplements of high complexity. Hence, we deliver to the markets high quality, innovative and effective products.

Our mission is quality

We are a company with quality in our DNA. We were born to create, develop, produce and marketing Excellency products for many different segments of the veterinary market. We want to be recognized by our consumers, customers, suppliers and employees as a company that always aims to contribute to the animal welfare with safe, cost-effective and quality products.  


Syntec Brazil adopts all Good Manufacturing Practices according to the strictest national and international standards. Our Department of Quality Management is always concerned to ensure quality in our products, processes and services.


We are present in three major business areas: Pet, Equine and Farm Animals. Our portfolio comprises the following segments: Anesthetics, Antibiotics, Antiparasitics, Dermatologic, Hygiene & Health, Otologic, Ophthalmic and Supplements.  


Be the reference and leading company in the segments where we operate. Hence, all our products and services want to make a difference in the daily practice and in the activities of our clients. We aim at offering greater value to our customers, always paying attention to their needs, whether being them veterinarians, owners or producers. Our goal is to provide innovative, diversified, technologic and quality products that effectively transforms daily professional practice and the quality of life of animals.

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